Chinese Language (中文): 认识一下谁在此硅素结界之内

English Language (英文): To Know (about/ of/ in) Whom existing/existed inside this Si-Space (Silicon Space)


Language (语文): Chinese (中文) | American English (美式英文).


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[1] 希丕理李国华的个人网页. <按此>

[2] 希丕理李国华的普通和一般资料,集束文件供下载。<按此>

[3] 资讯或信息阶层:(a) 一般性的;(b) 概略性的;(c) 特别性的;和 (d) 异类性的。

[3.en] Data/Information Hierarchy: (a) Generality; (b) Particularity; (c) Specifics; and (d) Uniqueness.



[1] 木元:期待打下稳固基础、或发展实体性基地的个人。

[2] 火亨:计划做引用、参考、授权、或引证的个人。

[3] 金利:工作追求利润的个人,现金或锐数。

[4] 水贞:逾越两个在极点群范围里可相连的创造点,并且时常需要援助的个人,男的被帮忙超过三次机会,而女的五次。

[5] “个人”之词也可以是法人组织,如合伙或公司,只要有在年度或特别股东大会议程里被批准通过的记录,三次大会以便放进来,或五次大会比便取出来。

[6] 要按装一条规矩进入一家公司的操作指令集合里比拆装一条规矩容易,因为按装新规矩将会同旧规矩重新建立连系,但是拆装旧规矩将会需要同还有效的旧规矩集合一条一条地把连系移除掉。



Conditions of Sales & Usages:

[1] 李国华注于民国一百年辛卯年正月十五日(公元2011217日)。更新于公元2012115日。


[1a] English translation: Written by Kok-Wah LEE on 17 February 2011. Updated on 15 January 2012.

There is a principle to share and use the owner’s goods of product and service. This principle states that for the person with bad deed type called yinzei, nianshou, or xiaoren, please accept the owner’s apology that the owner of goods does not want to earn a profit by sharing the goods. If in case there is any offender of this principle, the Sky and Earth will not endure such a person to have cheated to buy and use the goods.


淫贼 (yinzei): A bad person, who cheats a female’s heart and body for oneself or other(s) by using gossips. Baby may have also been conceived before the female is released.

年兽 (nianshou): A bad person, who hides oneself without clear affirmation or oath, especially one’s falsified or irrational identity and role, to cheat or disturb another person’s mind by using sound as if it were that person’s own sleeping dream or thought.

小人 (xiaoren): A bad person, who begins as a small figure and grows to become a cheating big “giant” by wrongly using other’s name, via techniques like name swapping, name changing, name replacement to take over other’s property, etc. Beginning from the misuse of name, xiaoren will normally fall into a snowball avalanche of bad deed series.





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E. & O. E. = Errors and Omissions Exempted

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